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Lessen, West Prussia [Lasin, Poland]

Hongkou District [Hongkew], Shanghai, China

Hongkew is a district of Shanghai that was the location of the Restricted Sector for Stateless Refugees established per decree of the Axis-allied Japanese military during its occupation of Shanghai from 1941-1945. Over 20,000 Jewish refugees living in Shanghai after fleeing from Europe to escape the Nazis were ordered to relocate into the c. one square mile area of the Restricted Sector, also known as the Hongkew ghetto or Shanghai ghetto. Fred Marcus and his father are among them. Fred lives in the Hongkew ghetto until the Japanese surrender in August 1945.
Denver, CO

Jack Adler settled in Denver, CO and still lives here today.
Bronx, NY

After his arrival in the U.S. at the end of 1946, Jack Adler lives in a residence for war orphans in the Bronx until he is placed with a foster family in May 1948.

This map features a selection of locations that figure in the history of the Holocaust. This is not a comprehensive map. The featured locations were selected based on their relevance to the Survival & Witness project. Many sites have been omitted due to the limited scope of this project; new locations will be added as the project is expanded.